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About Us

Coffee is a drink that has always had a special place in my heart, its so simple and ordinary to most people and most people don’t pay to much attention to it, but coffee in-fact is a beverage that has had a rich history .From its humble beings in Ethiopia were it was discovered by accident by a Shepard who noticed coffees affect on his sheep,and then spanning across the middle east to the west were it was adopted by the British and brought to the new world were it would light the spark of revolution in some of the first coffee houses in our United States . Coffee is a drink that has always promoted energy and thought and it is because of this that I want to bring good coffee to the city of Los Angeles.

My goal with pacific electric is to bring people together around coffee and ultimately provide a option for people to buy coffee from a single origin of there choice from responsibly sourced farms as close to home and fresh as possible . I want to bring this coffee to as many people as possible to help support the small farms and communities were it comes from .In time I hope to grow this business with the people that support it and community in mind to promote a space were people can get together to network and share ideas but more than all of that to share experiences that could maybe change the world in some small way for the better.

Coffee is a great way to slow down and ruminate about the day and relax wont you take a minute and join me lets have a conversation.

Chris Alexander

Chris Alexander